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About the MESt

“Ecumenical Studies” in Bonn:

  • strictly academic

 The MESt covers a field of knowledge: the plurality of Christianities, the plurality of European and non-European churches and theologies, the plurality of religious differences in general and in their cultural contexts, and main concepts of the types of unity of Churches/Christianity to be desired as well as concepts regarding peaceful and respectful interactions of religions. In Bonn you will study this within the context of topics.


  • a co-operative process of students and lecturers

The students' familiarity with their background is an integral part of the learning process. Without the students' competences, the learning and teaching process would realize only half of its potential. The program strives for being sensitive to the religious and cultural embeddedness of researchers and students in the field of religion, as this embeddedness is not merely to be put in brackets while doing academic research, but rather can be laid open und thus also be openly reflected.