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The MESt at a glance

Starting with the academic year 2013/2014, the Master's program in Ecumenical Studies is offered in two formats. Students who hold a 3-year Bachelor's Degree qualify for the two-year MESt (officially called MEESt- Extended Ecumenical Studies), while students who hold a 4-year Bachelor's Degree qualify either for the one-year or the two-year MESt.

Program Components

The Master's Program in Ecumenical Studies consists of:

  • Lectures and seminars
  • A six-week internship (one-year MESt) / A nine-week internship (two-year MESt)

Internships are to take place between the winter and summer semesters (i.e. in February and March), for the one-year program resp. between the first and the second year (i.e. July - September) in the two-year program. International students are encouraged to complete their internships in Germany; German students are encouraged to complete their internships abroad.

  • A Master's thesis.


Master of Arts (M.A.)

Language of Course


Program Duration

12 months (60 ECTS credits)
24 months (120 ECTS credits)

Application Period

1 January – 1 July

Please Note: we recommend that non-EU applicants who need to apply for a Visa prior to their arrival in Germany send their application before April 31st.