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Future employment

Expertise acquired in the MESt will prepare graduates for a wide variety of future occupations.

Some of our students are pastors who desire to supplement their knowledge with further post-graduate education. But this degree is not limited to students interested in pursuing religious ministry.



By gaining a post-graduate degree from the University of Bonn, students are qualified to apply to doctoral programs, thus preparing themselves for a career in higher education, be it in a university or seminary context.

In addition, all of our students cultivate a wide variety of transferable skills, equipping them for work in any number of fields. They also acquire specialist qualifications for employment particularly in the following areas.


Ecumenical Activism
- Representatives of organizations dedicated to the progress of ecumenismpeople-2557396_1920.jpg
- Ecumenical relations coordinators for individual denominations

- Religious journalists
- Editors for religious publishing houses

- Public and private educational and research institutions
- University administration