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Welcome Note

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Dear Candidate,

As the Director of Studies, I am delighted to introduce you to our Master's degree in Ecumenical Studies (MESt), an international program which aims to make a contribution to the ever-increasing and challenging interreligious dialogue today. We believe that a sound engagement in ecumenism requires an adequate historical and theological knowledge, therefore we seek to equip our students with the necessary tools to make advances in this field. Lectures will include special attention to the insights and methodology of German theology, owing to the singular influence of German-language research on theological scholarship since the Reformation. Moreover, the Modules offered in the MESt have been particularly designed to provide an understanding of the relation between religion, church, and society, both throughout history, and in present.


We welcome students from all over the world, with different religious and cultural backgrounds. Our Master's program, thus, becomes a place of vibrant interaction and fruitful dialogue. Attracted by the dynamic academic environment at the University of Bonn, many of the MESt students decide to stay, and pursue their doctoral studies. We pride ourselves on that, and hope to see them create a network of professionals in the service of ecumenical relations.

The Historic city of Bonn, situated in the beautiful region of the Rhineland, will definitely make you feel at home. Its friendly people, the wide range of tourist attractions and cultural events render it an enjoyable place to live and learn.

I wish you good luck with your studies!



(Foto: © Dr. Thomas Mauersberg / Universität Bonn)